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EU TOUR photo: Leo Nazar

FYI : certain prior content  (such as photos, words, performance history )…is in the process of being re-added  due to the recent site rebuild.

SKIN BLOOD WOMEN ROSES colored vinyl and  ILLUSORY, THE CUT OF THE WARRIOR, NEUROSIS & JARBOE  , SACRIFICIAL CAKE lavender vinyl, are currently available from this website. 

If you live in EUROPE or the U.K. you can purchase the ‘skin blood women roses’ album from Belgium and therefore the postage will be less for you. Link to the Consouling Sounds online store.  https://store.consouling.be/products/title-skin-blood-women-roses-orange-brown-fusion?_pos=4&_sid=d583077d1&_ss=r


‘Sacrificial Cake’ Lavender Double Vinyl is also available from Europe at: https://thecirclemusic.gr/product/jarboe-sacrificial-cake-luxurius-tip-on-sleeve-heavy-cardboard-double-levander-gatefold-vinyl-edition-limited-to-500-copies/


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